Did President Trump really infect with the Covid-19?

President Trump
“Did President Trump really infect with the Covid19?”
“Could President Trump’s Covid-19 infection be fraudulent?”

More and more people around the world are having such doubts.
American film director Michael Moore is one of them.
He is a big anti-Trump by his own admission, but it would be very unusual for an obese elderly man infected with the Covid-19 to be discharged from the hospital after only three days.

Some experts even suspect President Trump of being a sociopath.
The outcome of the US presidential election has reached a point where no one can predict its outcome.

M. Moore, “Trump is a fearless professional liar!”

Michael Moore
Photo by :The website for Michael Moore’s film ”Fahrenheit 11/9”

Now that the first Trump & Biden debate ended that way, it’s no surprise, but President Trump is more than 15 points ahead of Democrat Biden in the approval ratings.

The Trump campaign has been touting this “Covid-19 infection ⇒ early release from the hospital” as a “dramatic return,” and is desperate to create the image of a president who has defeated the Covid-19 himself.

In the midst of all this, a person has come forward to cast doubt on President Trump’s the Covid-19 infection. This is American documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

Moore took to his Facebook page to say that there is absolute truth about President Trump, and he was scathing in his criticism, saying that “Trump is a consistent, absolute, relentless, fearless professional liar”. He said that President Trump’s words, which have been laced with various lies, cannot be believed, noting that “he may indeed have been infected with the Covid-19, but this could also be a lie”.

Moore said that both of the two doctors who became President Trump’s physicians in the infection scandal, Sean Conley and Sean Dooley, do not maintain the president’s medical records, have not performed x-rays or CT scans, and do not know the date of the Covid-19 infection.

It sounds a bit ridiculous, but Japan’s Asahi Shimbun also reported that “although symptoms of pneumonia are suspected, the doctors refused to explain the results of the X-ray and CT scans, saying they are not in a position to talk about them. In order to determine when Trump was infected, it is important to know “the date and time of the last negative test result before the infection became apparent,” but they did not want to go backwards.
※News Source:2020.10.07 Asahi Shimbun “Trump hurries to discharge from hospital for presidential election without explaining unapproved drug administration and CT results”

Particularly with regard to Sean Conley, “Did you give oxygen to the President? He frequently repeats the “dodge a question” such as “I’m not doing it now” in response to a reporter’s question, which certainly raises questions about the credibility of his statements.

However, these two men were originally military doctors and physicians as well as military personnel. This means that their boss is undoubtedly President Trump, and if President Trump were to offer them “fraud”, it is doubtful that they would be able to refuse the offer out of pride as doctors.

More than that, there’s a good reason why I found Michael Moore’s “Trump’s Covid-19 infection may be a lie” theory to be a certain degree of convincing, because the fact that Trump has in fact lied unbelievably in the past and is a habitual liar is itself an undeniable “fact”.

What follows is only a small part of the “Trump’s heroic story” ──

Trump uses his own pseudonym to set off a terrible flaming!

Akira Ikegami

October 31, 2019. Journalist Akira Ikegami was invited to give a special lecture at the 400th anniversary of the Fukushima City Buddhist Youth Association’s “Monpoe”, held at the Touhou Culture Center for Everyone in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture.

The theme of the lecture, which was a great success, was “Reading the World from the News”.
After all, it also came down to President Trump, and one of the interesting stories Ikegami brought up there was the “lie” of “self-made” by Trump.

──At the time, American tabloid magazines were following the real estate tycoon Trump’s women’s scandal.

These magazines also received all sorts of “lame” information from their readers, but there was one person who always brought a high degree of certainty to the table. Whenever he staked out a place to point out, Mr. Trump would show up with a beautiful woman he didn’t know.

When the tabloids became suspicious of the man who claimed to be “John Barron,” they investigated and found that “John Barron” was Trump himself──

“Bad fame is superior to no fame” as they say.
Trump was trying to gain public attention by exposing his own women’s scandals to magazines and using the momentum of his fame to advance his own business. He was involved in what we now call “ flaming marketing” so to speak, from a very early stage.

It is known that Trump used other pseudonyms besides “John Barron”, such as “John Miller”.

In 1991, when the entertainment weekly “People” approached Trump’s company for an interview about the women’s scandal, a spokesman claiming to be “John Miller” called back and said that Miller had given lip service to the reporter for a long time about Trump’s flamboyant female friendships (including a date with the popular singer Madonna) and ended up saying, “He’s a good guy”…

The entire conversation was recorded by People, but of course the man himself, Trump, denies his involvement.

Knowing the Covid-19 threat and “covering up the reality !”

Bob Woodward and his book, "RAGE"
Bob Woodward and his book, “RAGE”

If it were a women’s scandal, it might be “laughed off”, but the following facts are totally unfashionable in the sense that “people’s lives are at stake”. This is clearly a vicious situation, but has the American people mysteriously forgotten this fact?

Bob Woodward, the prominent American journalist known for forcing President Nixon to resign over his coverage of Watergate, has been interviewing President Trump himself 18 times between last December and July of this year for his new book, “RAGE”.

It turns out that, in fact, President Trump was aware of the dangers of Covid-19 early on, even before Covid-19 deaths in the U.S., and as early as February 7, he told Woodward that “this is a deadly virus,” to his surprise.
(This statement was recorded by Mr. Woodward.)

In other words, President Trump knows that the Covid-19 is an extremely dangerous virus, but he has “treated it sparingly” because he doesn’t want to “cause a panic.” This was acknowledged by President Trump himself in a subsequent interview in March.

But what Trump has been shouting to the masses so far is just the opposite. “The Covid-19 will eventually go away! Everything is going to be fine!”

He continued to insist, and it’s still the same.
And even after the allegedly infected the Covid-19, President Trump continues to send a strong message to the American people, such as “Don’t be afraid of the Covid-19!”

This is the “lie” by a convinced President Trump.
Moreover, President Trump himself is aware of the dangers of the Covid-19 and has repeatedly made disparaging remarks about the Covid-19 in public. If President Trump had properly educated people about the Covid-19 early on, there would not have been so many Covid-19 deaths in the United States (about 211,700 deaths as of Oct. 8).

It is obvious that President Trump’s “lies” have caused so many deaths that he will not be able to get away with his “killer” shtick. Such a Trump presidency is beyond abnormal and it’s hard not to feel something morbid.

The experts are convinced Trump is a “sociopath”!

There is an interesting article on President Trump’s series of unusual actions on the US California-based news site “salon.com”.

“Sociopathy”: psychiatrist says Trump’s behavior “meets criteria for a locked psychiatric facility”
In an article titled, Psychiatrist’s Opinion that President Trump is a Sociopath.

This is claimed by Dr. Bandy X. Lee.
She is a judicial psychiatrist at the prestigious Yale University School of Medicine in the United States and an expert in public health approaches to violence prevention who also teaches at Yale Law School. She has also called for President Trump’s dangerousness and ineligibility, calling for his expulsion from the 2020 presidential race and the closure of his office.

She claims that ‘President Trump is a sociopath’.

A sociopath is a person with a mental disorder (personality disorder) characterized by antisocial behavior or temperament, the type of person whose mental disorder manifests itself in antisocial behavior.

Dr. Lee said, “Sociopaths are dangerous in the sense that they want people to suffer and die out of envy of others”…

Describing President Trump, she said, “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that he is willing to put people at risk for a variety of reasons. For example, when he forces his supporters into crowded indoor rallies without masks, President Trump is thereby demanding that his supporters prove their loyalty to him,” She explained.

President Trump, in the words of Dr. Lee, “needs to be taken care of properly and, judging by his history of behavior, is well equipped to be in a locked-up psychiatric ward”.

So Dr. Lee considers the deaths of more than 200,000 people in the U.S. from the Covid-19 to be the result of Trump’s complicity in manslaughter, and she claims this is a “mass killing” by Trump.

And interestingly, Dr. Bundy Lee also does not rule out the suspicion that President Trump’s Covid-19 infection was “fraudulent”.

I am still not ruling out malingering, or feigning illness.
When deciphering these things, we look for medical inconsistencies, secondary gain and psychological disposition.
There are already too many inconsistencies in the medical picture, and look at the enormous secondary gain. 
We know that he needed something to reset his campaign, with everything going badly for him and his debate performance being unable to reverse the polls — and he was instantly able to stifle most criticism.
We also know that he would manipulate any situation, and that we are vulnerable.

2020.10.06 salon.com “Sociopathy”: Psychiatrist says Trump’s behavior “meets criteria for a locked psychiatric facility”
Video by :Meidas Touch ”Trump’s Mental Unhealth with Dr. Bandy Lee”
In an interview with Meidas Touch, Dr. Lee warned that “President Trump’s mentally deranged pathology will be a weapon of mass destruction that will destroy America in another four years”.

Is this an unprecedented farce in history!

President Trump
※After leaving the hospital, President Trump returned to the White House in the presidential helicopter “Marine One”…

The first televised debate between President Trump and former Vice President Biden on the evening of 29th US local time has been severely criticized for being one of the ugliest fights in history.

It was shown repeatedly that Trump interrupted Biden and the moderator, and even Biden got fed up with the interruption and fought back head-on, turning the room into a scene of abuse.

The debate was called a “winnerless debate” because of its low level and low dimension, but there is no doubt that President Trump was the cause of the debate.

I’m sure that even President Trump understands that he can’t bring a similar development to the next debate. That said, can Trump really beat Biden by saving his power and engaging in intelligent policy debate here?

Wasn’t it actually President Trump himself who was more concerned than anyone else about the outcome of the presidential election and was “deeply concerned” about the outcome of the election as Covid-19 became more prevalent?
Therefore, to win the televised debate, which is the winner of the presidential election here, he need a ‘big story’ more than anything else.

So what President Trump did “intentionally” to recover from the crisis was “his own infection with Covid-19”?
I mean, if the macho Trump gets infected and also recovers very quickly and makes a “dramatic return”, it deserves a “big story”.

This is what Dr. Lee points out above about “resetting the campaign”. That makes the “Trump is immortal! It’s true that some supporters have emerged excitedly.

However, according to a nationwide poll conducted on October 4, 65% of Americans believe that “if Trump had taken Covid-19 seriously, it would not have been transmitted,” and there are many voices questioning the president’s attitude toward the Covid-19.

It seems as if the U.S. presidential election has reached a point where no one can predict the future of the U.S. presidential race any longer.




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